Untitled, 2018

350 Gelatin Silver Prints, 23.33 x 8.33 ft

Installation view at “Tying a Loop and Watching it Close”, Perlman Teaching Museum, Northfield, MN, USA

Since the invention of linear perspective, paintings and drawings have been regarded as windows, guiding the viewers to enter the illusionary space. To a certain degree, technology serves the same function in creating a virtual world, bringing what is not here to where we are situated. Nowadays, navigating the world, whether physically or virtually, has become a more tangible and more universal experience, but also more mediated and potentially alienating. Where are we now?
The whole image of the collage is constructed from screenshots of Google Earth Street View in 17 different locations around the world. I divide the single image into 350 pieces, turn them into “negatives”, draw each part onto different pieces of newspaper from different countries, and make photograms from the drawn “negatives”.

As part of the project, I am distributing prints to different corners of the world. If you are interested in trading a print, please send me an email.