Miaoye Critiquing Photography, Digital Video, TRT 3:43, 2018

Miaoye Que critiquing three photographs in the history of photography.

Notes from Miaoye Que:

“We see white men rebrand white supremacy in the name of aesthetics, and abuse the tools of production as an extension of their predatory, colonizing behavior. On the flip side, we, as people with intersecting marginalized identities, and so many people who're similar to us, are so used to *only* being perceived in the gaze of people who possess more power than us. This project is an effort to articulate our anger and the sense of power imbalance that has plagued the world for so long. As we express ourselves, we reclaim the agency that's been robbed away from us.”

2021     Alphabet Soup, ExTV, Chicago, IL, USA

2019     Duluth Superior Film Festival, Duluth, MN, USA

2018     Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (as part of MNTV 2018), USA

2018     Twin Cities PBS, Minneapolis, MN (as part of MNTV 2018), USA

2018     MNTV 2018 Selection, FilmNorth, Minneapolis, MN