Analog of the Between, (Co-directed by Theo Morris), Digital Video, TRT 14:04, 2018

An experimental nonfiction project about journeys and journaling.

Notes from Theo Morris:
“This project highlights the storylines we create to give structure and meaning to our lives. When Peixuan and I worked together on this video, one of our main focuses was how the acts of filmmaking and journaling were explicit expressions of these storylines. Despite calling attention to the contrived nature of these storylines, the video also points out how important they are for all of us who create them. Peixuan's aunt is the main subject of the project, and her story is full of immense pain and loneliness. However, this story is not only her way of coping with that pain, but it's also been a source of strength that has helped her build a life in the United States. Like all of Peixuan's work, this film deliberately identifies who is involved in its construction.”

2018     “Symposium”, Weitz Center for Creativity at Carleton College, Northfield, MN, USA

2018     Distinction in Major, Carleton College Cinema and Media Studies, Northfield, MN, USA